Love in a dream assaulting a lithe dancing

2012.02.16 Thu


A full moon, watch the Millennium, also waiting for a thousand years. A first silly song, played for thousands of years, making love to the Millennium. However but, hoary head kongluo who that, thousand-year wait, does not change back to; Millennium preacher, does not retain dependent. Fireworks gone sadly faded, you both have, end of the road is not broken, Chenyuan in the eyes across the water, down past and tears.

Return to this life, waiting for the moon has broken thousands of flowers, a heart sound, but not escape will never care. The bend of the afterlife and Cheng pulls, we were already drinking, eternal flower flowers fly the poignant, desolation of sansheng stone on the high mountain flowing water. Water color in time thousands of Acacia, completed in fall words get in the way of sorrows, in Lombard Street Promenade every Moon full moon night, accompanied by, those sad and mild Tang poem song CI, cry of nostalgia.

Love in a dream, assaulting a lithe dancing, swaying Kam Joseph knows no boundaries, how much turmoil flourishing prosperous times! However but, tear down the red, a quarter of pathos drifting, not by Woods wind flower, white dye the hair on the temples in the mirror Cheap WOW Gold. Thoughts of bombs falling gently, that I have been away, collapse of ancient, war war fire, not your muiga Cliff bound! Weeping shallow flute, no longer is my loving of qinhuai River!

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