Forest flower and need to thanks spring and red

2011.12.15 Thu


Hint of sadness, a hint of melody, leaked emotional, sincere feeling hidden, silent, really a Qing bottomed out, flowers bloom the most resplendent in glory for us. We meet, is a lamp lighting a lamp, Dim-lamps can interweave a rainbow of colorful light.

Forest flower Thanks spring and red, all too hastily, the road all the way, meet all the way, to meet the treasure. Peach blossom in spring and summer there are Lotus, Daisy in autumn and winter, take a different season, meet different people see different landscapes, and different story. Stories can be beautiful, beautiful can create legends, met can be a old legend.

Life only when you first see, beauty is stuck in yesterday. Dull day of water, well long, stumbled at both ends, love hearts, birthday attack, loving a musk, crazy your heart, bathed in sunshine, smiling beauty He, keep this happiness, we can only dreams of the happiness.