Through the middle finger with confused eyes touching the cold sky

2011.12.15 Thu


Who was an image in memory, scenery, left is my sorrow through fingertip Kam Joseph who that Visual, hidden touches to some of the stories after the pupil the Buy WOW Gold EU, some emotions, eventually became a gold mark, only for later recall the feeling of clutter? Winter cold, pale color of the sky, trying to carefully look for a hint of convective clouds, gently waking heart blue sky,

Through the middle finger, with confused eyes touching the cold sky, leaping does not have a city, many years later, and in my mind, leaving will only have been familiar with the smell of the air? Perhaps living over complicated, like feelings. When I was walking alone on the lonely City again and again, when there are so many, my eyes are dull, feel out of their own city, suddenly found the city so strange, so prosperous and lonely.

May experience and memory is part of everyone's emotional zone, like a grand farewell, hidden inside a corner quiet flower, blossom fall quietly. Life always so many options, such as harvest loss all the way all the way. Often thought about sentence Word life only nascent. If you have a story or a relationship only remain after all of the meeting feeling, perhaps the best, so enamored of city beautiful, is such a beautiful story of the encounter.

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