One contains the Millennium flower buds

2011.11.23 Wed


Spring is upon us

Footsteps of the wind getting slower

It outside of apathy

Irresistible inner tenderness

Look, little stars

In the silent night sky

Tilt silver fragrance


One contains the Millennium flower buds

A millennium of silence lingshi

They blend to

Doomed to tonight

In each other's pulse watch

Open the love flowers


Woods carrying Snow Valley audible tone is played

2011.11.23 Wed


Mountains, rivers, trees, houses, all had a thick layer of snow on the cover down, vast territory of the motherland into a powder makeup jade world of masonry. Falling leaves Willow hangs on a furry shiny silver bar Buy World Of Warcraft Gold; and those who remain green throughout the year on the pine and cypress, then hung up in the fluffy song-heavy sleet. A gust of wind blew, the branch gently rocking, beautiful Silver Pearl and Garnet Crow Garnet Crow Garnet and snow falls, jade chips like snow flies with the wind at the end, reflecting the sunlight in the morning, came to road with colorful Rainbows. Quiet winter the Valley, White Earth runs a black belt-like streams, Woods carrying Snow Valley audible tone is played, flows into pressure was low down by ice-cream branch, will undoubtedly lead us into a masonry shop silver jade, paradise full of magic. Occasionally, a fresh and all the chill of the wind came, they playfully wee white powder like smoke brush down. Makes this mountain, this tree, which added a several minutes was full of snow.

After the snow is very beautiful and sunny, blue skies of blue, white snow, as gorgeous as dreams. Only immersive, will understand, "a night in the spring breeze, pear tree on", "favorite after Dongshan shine snow, soft red Chung in yinshan" mood. Of course, there are those who prefer, the "green Ant new grains wine, small fire red mud; snow late day, drinking a cup of free" this kind of situation. More "color made of firewood heard dogs barking, wind and snow late people" hang the wind and snow on their way suddenly found "home away from home" after the home of joy!

Full of ice and snow, giving people a sense of Midwinter full. People like snow white blue. Welcome snow Elves dance all over, to quietly. Just snowflakes fall on trees, buildings, on a vegetable plot, on the river and landed in the heart of every person in the North. Snow opened! Less than a meal. On lush white layer of the Earth. At this time, children are frisky, jumping out the door, running jumps in the snow, it seems that this is part of child's beautiful winter. In childhood, always and smaller partners in heaps piled up snow, snowball have snowball fights, will head up graceful heat. When strength is small, day was a pile of snow, is happy to play in the snow crazy day. Gradually grew up, sometimes sat silently at the side of the window sill, silently watching the snow rustle underground, watching the snow mountains and Earth decorated silver slowly; sometimes out of the House, look up snow falls on the face of the kind of cool refreshing feeling of Jeremy Bentham, reaching out to then the tick of glistening snowflakes, looking at her in my hands slowly melting.

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This song is my favorite the we didn't together

2011.11.23 Wed


Lots of love, can only be hidden at the bottom, to regret. Because, who knows, after say RS Gold, will, like a knife, in addition to the cut off in the past, but also as people become familiar with passerby.

Don't want to, and anyway, it is still is raining, MP3 song still stands, only one.

This song is my favorite, the we didn't together, like ren ' e Liu, favorite song is probably this: "However, only you accompany me first place, only you can understand, I would like to dream is unlikely, we won't be together, at least as friends, always much concern, share ... ”

Some things, only miss.

Feel the stones on the Hill, to fall into the stream, always forward, even if you see the sea, but also do not recall my initial appearance.

Remember, graduating from elementary school, graduated according to the last row of the intermediate stations on boy? That even in the face of the camera, I look in your eyes.

Not to mention, some feel is bland, but plain and meaningful and significant, in fact, to bring back some joy as a child, still warm in heart.

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Led the pursuit and in the hearts of hope

2011.11.16 Wed


Poets write forever with earthy scents of vocabulary

Sweat, has on numerous occasions wetting our clothes

I've got a, does not abandon not off the ground and hands bound by

Plough-share to mother earth, is our treasure-house of open food golden key

Thick clothing, hiding your wind and rain are our four seasons welcome when friends the most beautiful silk dress

Tears, but one year is our hard work when keliwushou painful blood drips

We are farmers

Led the pursuit and in the hearts of hope

Shouldering family yearnings and dreams

Rush out of their hard work that leave a stained sweat when hot

And came to flow like waves, but unaccompanied metropolis

[Led the pursuit and in the hearts of hope ]の続きを読む

Late autumn months far gone quietly gently approached the winter

2011.11.16 Wed


Stopping winter night, escape the noise of street lamps Street RS Gold, into the community and secluded paths first look: full moon high above in the sky, stars are sparse, the Moonlight thick, stroking hair, light sprinkling the shoulders. Hazy eyes Dim worldlyminded, one of the town of Moonlight, tree hibiscus flower, swaying several Chrysanthemum strains. Under the Moon and flowers, wind, dancing under the trees, drunk! Wind branches, fallen leaves, the United States, there isn't! Entanglement of wandering that once was, the Moon's melancholy, with the Moonlight dance night, sent to the cloud, gone with the wind, row depending on month.

Late autumn months far gone quietly, gently approached the winter wind, would not disturb her once the autumn dreams, so the warm winter sun, and even the Moon is very bright, very gentle. There is something hidden in my heart for a long time for a long time, one person alone hosts; some words couldn't say it any more, meditation alone. Yueguangrushui, open heart, and was stationed in the heart by earning, once robbed slowly dispersed, one man, one heart city, round months a long night, throwing scattered Moonlight chilled to listen to a winter's night light yin, to quietly savor full moon dance of sth

Quiet but as water day in the early winter months of the jump, Lin Qiu leaves without pathos, winter is not cold; a moonlit warm, leisurely a plume of mind, a cloud dance, relaxation and free volume.intoxicated, the Moonlight dreams go alone in the thick, drunk into dreamland, as quiet as night dreams all!

[Late autumn months far gone quietly gently approached the winter]の続きを読む