From this most feared after late-night

2012.02.16 Thu


Printed on photo scenes ever

With a smile with tears, and whispered to the silly language

No one knows when I do not know when

To sleep wrapped in melancholy to it

Do you know

This love I give too much

From this most feared after late-night

Coagulation alone worry

This trace is too deep

From this most feared disease after wine

Drinking worries


Love in a dream assaulting a lithe dancing

2012.02.16 Thu


A full moon, watch the Millennium, also waiting for a thousand years. A first silly song, played for thousands of years, making love to the Millennium. However but, hoary head kongluo who that, thousand-year wait, does not change back to; Millennium preacher, does not retain dependent. Fireworks gone sadly faded, you both have, end of the road is not broken, Chenyuan in the eyes across the water, down past and tears.

Return to this life, waiting for the moon has broken thousands of flowers, a heart sound, but not escape will never care. The bend of the afterlife and Cheng pulls, we were already drinking, eternal flower flowers fly the poignant, desolation of sansheng stone on the high mountain flowing water. Water color in time thousands of Acacia, completed in fall words get in the way of sorrows, in Lombard Street Promenade every Moon full moon night, accompanied by, those sad and mild Tang poem song CI, cry of nostalgia.

Love in a dream, assaulting a lithe dancing, swaying Kam Joseph knows no boundaries, how much turmoil flourishing prosperous times! However but, tear down the red, a quarter of pathos drifting, not by Woods wind flower, white dye the hair on the temples in the mirror Cheap WOW Gold. Thoughts of bombs falling gently, that I have been away, collapse of ancient, war war fire, not your muiga Cliff bound! Weeping shallow flute, no longer is my loving of qinhuai River!

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It is going to absolutely contain the traveler throughout

2012.02.16 Thu


Saigon, otherwise known as Ho Chi Minh Area was quite a extremely humble sportfishing small town. Through their conception of an sportfishing small town it was named Pery Nokor and then. Right now, Saigon as well as Ho Chi Minh Area is a new desired destination spot in the entire world due to the a lot of outstanding gems. Saigon can be covered using significant classy boulevards, a new effectively persevered prior along with prosperous art work along with traditions. Their ancient complexes developed in the This particular language career are runescape gold generally stored and still have turn into many of the most common sights inside area. Various other renowned houses inside area can be include the Ho Chi Minh Area Area, Reunification Construction, Municipal Treatment room, Point out Standard bank Place of work, Area Two, along with famous motels for example the Lodge Regal, Rex Lodge along with Caravelle Lodge which are in addition developed in the This particular language colonization involving Vietnam. The location in addition popular features of their awesome museums for example the Public involving Vietnamese Record, Warfare Remnants Public, Saigon Zoo along with Organic Back yards, plus the Ho Chi Minh Area Public. It is going to absolutely contain the traveler throughout please when they watch along with have the a lot of amazing things in the area. Almost all of the city's profits in addition comes from their productive leisure along with video industrial sectors wherever individual video firms are primarily based.
The idea is home to numerous movie theater along with cinemas that happen to be quite productive day-to-day with no mistake. In case you just are looking for a new high-class way of pleasure, the highest exciting spots to travel to when it's in Saigon as well as Ho Chi Minh Area include the Dam Sen Traveler along with Country wide Car park, your Suoi Tien Entertainment along with Convention Car park along with the most famous Could Gio Green Beach front Location Ho Chi Minh Area gives seasoned enormous transformations considering that their conception and possesses currently come to be the most important area throughout Vietnam which has a lustrous inhabitants count number involving 9 trillion, the most used neighborhood parts near your vicinity. This specific Vietnam area ended up being after within the This particular language career for many years along with ended up being the most chaotic urban centers troubled by your Vietnam Warfare in the seventies. On the other hand which might be go through of all time textbooks currently, and possesses turn into one of several speediest establishing establishments throughout Japan.
Their fiscal expansion is definitely effectively manifested through their lovely along with modern-day complexes along with plazas and after this contains your concept "financial center" involving Vietnam using thousands of enormous corporations, gadgets, technological innovation, full price, along with leisure industrial sectors. Local climate: Plumbing service to travel to Saigon can be during the entire The holiday season getaways as well as 12 the place that the weathers turn into incredibly lovely specially inside mornings. Normally, Ho Chi Minh Area suffers from wetter periods all year round. In the soaked as well as soaked time, hefty along pours are generally expertise in many cases. Such things come about one of several a few months involving May possibly along with Late. Their dry out occasion comes about via 12 for you to The spring. Their temp in the dry out time may possibly skyrocket for you to 39 certifications Celsius. Travelling: Xichlos as well as Cyclos can be the most famous general public transfer throughout Ho Chi Minh Area given it can be man-powered. The idea appears to be somewhat buggy using merely one seats along with a pair of trolley wheels that it must be staying ripped by the man or woman. Cab fleets are generally numerous within this area for 24 hours. Commuters will take shuttle collections, street motorcycle taxis, ferries along with fishing boats. You can even come across lots of auto renting from the area.

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Forest flower and need to thanks spring and red

2011.12.15 Thu


Hint of sadness, a hint of melody, leaked emotional, sincere feeling hidden, silent, really a Qing bottomed out, flowers bloom the most resplendent in glory for us. We meet, is a lamp lighting a lamp, Dim-lamps can interweave a rainbow of colorful light.

Forest flower Thanks spring and red, all too hastily, the road all the way, meet all the way, to meet the treasure. Peach blossom in spring and summer there are Lotus, Daisy in autumn and winter, take a different season, meet different people see different landscapes, and different story. Stories can be beautiful, beautiful can create legends, met can be a old legend.

Life only when you first see, beauty is stuck in yesterday. Dull day of water, well long, stumbled at both ends, love hearts, birthday attack, loving a musk, crazy your heart, bathed in sunshine, smiling beauty He, keep this happiness, we can only dreams of the happiness.

Through the middle finger with confused eyes touching the cold sky

2011.12.15 Thu


Who was an image in memory, scenery, left is my sorrow through fingertip Kam Joseph who that Visual, hidden touches to some of the stories after the pupil the Buy WOW Gold EU, some emotions, eventually became a gold mark, only for later recall the feeling of clutter? Winter cold, pale color of the sky, trying to carefully look for a hint of convective clouds, gently waking heart blue sky,

Through the middle finger, with confused eyes touching the cold sky, leaping does not have a city, many years later, and in my mind, leaving will only have been familiar with the smell of the air? Perhaps living over complicated, like feelings. When I was walking alone on the lonely City again and again, when there are so many, my eyes are dull, feel out of their own city, suddenly found the city so strange, so prosperous and lonely.

May experience and memory is part of everyone's emotional zone, like a grand farewell, hidden inside a corner quiet flower, blossom fall quietly. Life always so many options, such as harvest loss all the way all the way. Often thought about sentence Word life only nascent. If you have a story or a relationship only remain after all of the meeting feeling, perhaps the best, so enamored of city beautiful, is such a beautiful story of the encounter.

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